UTS Business School Research Program Expression of Interest

Submitting an EOI for UTS Business School’s graduate research program is required, prior to submitting an application with UTS.

The EOI will match your research interests to those of our leading academics, assist in identify your potential supervisors and will aid with progressing your formal application efficiently.

Supporting Documents

  1. * Curriculum Vitae: Highlight any research studies, projects, work completed and research outputs/publications.
  2. * Academic Transcripts: Official undergraduate and postgraduate academic transcripts.
  3. * Research Proposal: For Accounting, Finance, Management or Marketing applicants, including literature review (at least 3 pages).
    * Statement of Interest: For Economics applicants only, a brief statement explaining your interest in pursuing a research degree (1-2 pages).
  4. English Test Certificate: English test score certificate.
  5. Research Paper: Published journals and articles.
  6. Thesis/dissertation: If document is a component of a completed degree.
  7. Letter of Recommendation: To include company letterhead and signed. Note that your referees may be contacted for independent letters of recommendation.
  8. Writing sample: To be in English and it can be a research paper or article, preferably in the area of intended study.
  9. Other: Any additional documents in support of your application.
All mandatory fields are marked *.


Submitting an EOI or being shortlisted does not constitute an offer or place in the UTS Business School research program. Upon a successful EOI outcome, applicants will need to submit a formal application by the UTS graduate research application deadline.

The Business school reserves the right to reject EoI’s based on breaches of academic integrity, including plagiarism in research proposals.

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